Beautiful Colorado Places Google Can Take You

Colorado is in the spotlight for being one of the United States’ most sought-after travel destinations which are sure to attract a high amount of tourists. Even though the land contains a multitude of highly postcard-worthy wonders, certain magical locations within the state tend to receive less attention than the others. These places are frequented by a smaller number of tourists which needs to be enhanced each year so that the entire state can be explored more. However, to serve this purpose, Google is your best guide to assist in the process of looking up and get to these locations effectively. Google has emerged as the main source through which scenic beauty within the world can be dealt with effectively and efficiently. A specially curated list of the best places is provided below: Curecanti National Recreation Area The vision of stony hills rising over three turquoise lakes is breathtaking mostly during daytime hours. However, due to the low level of light pollution within the city, Curecanti is much more stunning at night, when thousands of stars brighten up several of the deepest skies present within the state. The recreation area attracts major activities and it has many beautiful locations to… Continue Reading

What are the Best Ski Resorts in Colorado and Why

Colorado is one of the most interesting places within the United States that is essential for any tourist to visit once they come into the region. The state features a plethora of differing views and places that expose the audience to the beauty that the world encompasses. There are also many least crowded ski resorts in Colorado that are marvelous for an efficient experience with the snow and all the activities that it brings. Telluride Ski Resort… Continue Reading

What You Don’t Know About the Colorado River

The Colorado River is one of the most prominent and well-known rivers within the United States. Even though the river starts within Colorado, it does not end within the same region. There are a plethora of facts about the river which the audience is not aware of right now. The facts are listed below: Longest River The Colorado River is one of the longest and most extensive rivers within the United States. It is highly lengthy as it passes through Utah, California, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona as well as Colorado. The major territory is covered by the river and it also moves across around 11 national parks. The origin with regards to the river begins at La Poudre Pass, which stands at a height of 10,184 meters above the sea level and then descends from the county flowing further through Grand Canyon which finally ends at the California Gulch located at sea level within Mexico. It has turns which allows it to supply water to around 4 million acres of surrounding area land. Diverse Wildlife There is a variety of different terrain as well as wildlife surrounding the area of the Colorado River. The river contains different wildlife which ranges from… Continue Reading

Skiing & Boarding in Colorado

Colorado isn’t considered the capital of US skiing for nothing. Boasting over a dozen world-class resorts, light fluffy champagne powder and blue sunny skies, the title is well-deserved. The slopes of the Colorado Rockies regularly see over 300 in (760 cm) of snowfall each year and with over 30,000 acres (12,000 ha) of in-bounds skiable terrain, skiers and riders are spoiled for choice. High-speed lifts, plenty of après-ski and the magical backdrop of the Rocky Mountains then are just added sweeteners. GETTING THERE & GETTING AROUND… Continue Reading