What Is Social Media Gaslighting, And How Do You Deal With It?

Almost everyone has a social media account in this modern century. The developers of social media platforms have the intention of bringing people together. However, some people use their platforms for the wrong motives. Concerning this, you have probably heard of people who use psychological manipulation. This is an issue on the rise and needs to be addressed.

Someone can intentionally block you from accessing your Instagram account. So, you need knowledge on how to know if someone blocked your Instagram? Gaslighters go to an extent of ensuring you do not express yourself and feel as if your ideas are too crazy to exist.

So, what is social media gaslighting? Social media gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation where someone intentionally makes you doubt your existence and train of thoughts or beliefs. Happens when they constantly feed you with information through written content or videos. For example, lifestyle influencers can manipulate you into changing your style of living and adopt a new form that might be unsuitable for you. How does one deal with this?

Be sure someone is gaslighting you

Before taking any action, ensure you are 100% sure someone has the intention of gaslighting you from their content and what they say to you. Each time you post something on Instagram, someone could be there ensuring they oppose all you say. It is okay to have someone who challenges some of your thoughts, ideas, and opinions, but not all of them.

Do not be manipulated

If you stand with an idea, or you have truly convinced an opinion is correct, do not sway your ideas or contradict your opinions. Your thoughts do not have to change to align with that of someone else. Be form.

Know when to leave

Gaslighting can happen even on a live session that you join. Protect your thoughts and ideas by leaving a session if necessary. At the same time, you can avoid the people who gaslight you by eliminating them from your list of followers and blocking them if need be.

Contain yourself

Do not overreact to the situation. Instead, be calm and walk out if need be. Other people go to an extent of abusing people who try to gaslight them. Be unique and stand out.

Containing yourself shows you have your thoughts well collected and confident at what you think and know is right.

Get support

Stand with people who support your thoughts and complement each other. People who think you are correct can be a support system and give you the confidence to stand with your thoughts.

In addition to this, you can have professionals support you and prove your ideas are right. You can also quote books and journals that show your ideas are valid.

Be at peace with yourself

This is the most important stage of dealing with gaslighting. You have to be at peace with your mind and convince yourself you did your best. People can often manipulate you to not like yourself. Say no to this and stand for what you know is correct.

In conclusion, beware, some people are manipulating people to think they are wrong even on social media. Protect yourself and stand out by resisting this.